Welcome to POWER PLANT.  Thanks for popping in.  We are happy to tell you that all of our food is gluten free, dairy-free, egg-free, mostly organic, plant based, always delicious and made in house with love!  Everything is made from scratch so we know all the ingredients that have gone into each dish and we don't use deep fryers,  microwaves or cling wrap.  We have the largest selection of vegan food,  gluten-free food and organic food in Whangarei.  Our whole menu is available for dine in or takeaway.




NACHOS - One of our most popular dishes. Mild Mexican chilli-beans with salsa, guacamole and savoury cashew queso sauce.

BIG BREKKY - Balsamic marinated mushrooms, house-made baked beans, organic tofu scram, mini roasties, Energy Loaf toast and seasonal greens topped with hollandaise sauce.

PHO NOODLE BOWL - House-made pho with organic noodles (edamame, black bean & mung bean), shitake mushroom, bok choy and chilli oil.

MAC 'N' TREES - Macaroni cheese, garlic roasted broccoli & cauli, smoked tofu & coconut chips served with a chunky side-salad of tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, lettuce and raspberry vinaigrette.

SALAD BOWL - A large bowl of our ever changing fresh & textural seasonal salads with inspired dressings and punchy flavour!




RAW SANDWICH - Our famous dehydrated onion and organic golden flaxseed flat bread with savoury cashew cream, cashew queso sauce and filled with fresh salad ingredients. Not available anywhere else.

FRITATTA - An egg-less fritatta loaded with seasonal vege and 'Angel Food' dairy-free cheddar cheese, topped with toasted seeds.

NEATLOAF - Our ever-popular savoury option is packed full of vegetables, flavour & texture, topped with a tangy tomato sauce.

WRAP OF THE DAY - Our house-made wraps are a popular lunch option at our cafe. They are hand-made in our kitchen and loaded with tasty & textural fillings. We have three different filling options.  Our fillings change daily so when you order, it could be one of the following:

  • Mexican Inspired - Mexi Beans, Smokey Black Rice, d/f Cheddar Cheese, Rainbow Slaw & Cashew Queso Sauce
  • Marinated Tofu - Marinate Tofu, Satay Dressing, Chutney, Seasonal Greens or Rainbow Slaw, Avocado/Tomato
  • Samosa Inspired - Creamy Potato filling with Herbs and Seasonal Vege, local Greens & Chutney
  • Beet Street - Beetroot & Quinoa Fritter, Rainbow Slaw, Avocado & Hollandaise Dressing

PLEASE NOTE:  Our wrap ingredients are subject to change due to seasons and availability of ingredients.

SALAD OF THE DAY -  (WEEKDAYS ONLY!) - A large bowl of our ever changing fresh seasonal salads with inspired dressings and punchy flavour, that will have you salivating!

SAVOURY LENTIL & VEGE PIE - Mild mixed spices and seasonal vegetables & lentils, in our house-made, gluten-free pie crust topped with a herby mash.

CREAMY MUSHROOM PIE -  A hand-made crunchy pastry case, filled with cheesy greens (a mix of seasonal greens and dairy-free cheddar cheese) and creamy mushrooms topped with herby mashed potato. (Available Wednesday to Saturday)

    LASAGNE - Layered with Italian herb, tomato & garlic sauce, gluten-free pasta, rich and hearty savoury lentils, seasonal vegetables, greens and dairy-free cheddar cheese sauce.

    SAVOURY CREATIONS - Our chefs love to play with ideas and create new items to appear in our cabinet on selected days during the week.  If they are super popular with our POWER PLANT supporters, these items may just end up on the menu.



    RAW SLICES - All raw and refined sugar free. We have lots of regular customers who are hooked on these guilt-free delicious treats! Flavour selection changes daily between Chocolate Caramel, Peanut Caramel,Tiramisu & Banoffee.

    BITES - We create a range of bite sized treats coated in 70% dark organic chocolate.  Flavour selection changes daily between caramel, peanut, raspberry, super-food, ginger, caramel bounty.

    MUFFIN OF THE DAY - You wont believe these are gluten-free! These are the softest, lightest, fluffiest and most satisfying gluten-free muffins you will ever try. The flavour changes daily.

    AFGHAN COOKIE -  A slightly chewy chocolate cookie with activated buckwheat for the crunch factor, topped with organic, dairy-free 70% Dark Chocolate (contains a small amount of refined sugar) and an organic walnut piece.

    BAKED TREATS - Our talented chefs bake a variety of delectable cakes, slices & cookies throughout the week.